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The EdUHK Journey
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As our Senior Year student, you can obtain a quality education that prepares you for your future career while enjoying the university experience—the hall life, exchange and enrichment activities—like other undergraduate students at EdUHK.
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EdUHK Experience for Senior Year Students


Enjoy Your University Life

Stay at our on-campus student halls within short walking distance to the classrooms and join various student clubs to make friends with similar passions and build up your leadership and life skills.

*Senior-year students of our full-time UGC-funded undergraduate programmes are entitled to guaranteed hall residency for two semesters, one of which should be taken up during the first year of study.


Expand Your Horizons

Apply for one-semester credit bearing exchange or summer / leadership programmes outside Hong Kong, with financial support of up to HK$10,000 for each student in these global activities.


Support along Your Journey

We provide an array of services for Senior Year students to adapt to the EdUHK life, including university starter workshops, peer-to-peer support groups, individual student advising, career preparations, counselling and other tailormade activities.  


Get Career Ready

Our graduates are highly regarded by employers and enjoy an average monthly salary of HK$29,033. Many Senior Year programmes at EdUHK also include internships for you to develop relevant work experience and strengthen your resume before graduation.


Pursue Your Interests

The 2+1 study plan gives you the flexibility to take one elective course at Master’s level during your two-year Senior Year studies so that you can explore your passions and prepare for further studies in the future.

What Our Senior Year Students Say


EdUHK encourages not only academic achievements, but also puts emphasis on students’ holistic development. Some essential skills, such as leadership, communication, social networking and relationship building, will definitely play a key role in our future prospect. I am very grateful that the University has offered a lot of training to us in that regard.

Tan Qing

Bachelor of Science in Executive Management


EdUHK opens the door of opportunities for us who want to dream big. One of the initiatives “The Education and Social Entrepreneurs (EASE) Fund Scheme” provides successful applicants with seed funding to jump start their businesses. I look forward more than ever to drawing on these avenues of support and starting my business in future.

Yeung Siu Hung

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Entrepreneurship and Development Studies


It has been my dream to study in a university that offers great opportunities. Upon my arrival at EdUHK, I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunities. The wide range of societies and organisations provided us with platforms to interact with schoolmates, not to mention the vast list of career talks to equip students for future prospects.


Bachelor of Arts in English Studies and Digital Communication

FHED Movile

Apply to EdUHK

Learn more about our admissions requirements for Senior Year entry and submit your application before our deadlines.