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FAQs – Senior Year Admissions
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Check out these commonly asked questions asked by our applicants.
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The University has reserved a number of places for senior year admissions. Quality students holding recognized qualifications such as AD/HD or attending final year of a recognised sub-degree programme will be considered for senior year admissions with a view to minimizing duplication of learning and promoting credit accumulation and transfer. Please click here for programmes which will offer senior year places.

Those admitted via senior year admission route have already been granted credit transfer up to 60 credit points (cps) and expected to complete the programmes within 2 academic years. In this regard, they are no longer entitled to apply for credit transfer of individual courses upon admissions (i.e. no double benefit). To achieve the best learning outcomes, students admitted via senior year admission route may be required to study additional courses to meet the curriculum requirements.

Yes. You should indicate your preference on the online application form via our application system. If you fail to do so, we will assume that you prefer to be admitted to the first year studies of our undergraduate programmes. For those who have not been offered a senior year place, they will be considered for year one entry. Block credit transfer up to 30 credit points (i.e. equivalent to the total required credit points for Year 1 study) will be granted to eligible AD/HD graduates with good cumulative GPA. For details, please click here.

There is no upper limit on the number of programmes for which each local applicant can apply. Application fee for local applicants is HK$150 per programme. The fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable unless the programme in question is cancelled by the University.

No change to your programme choices is allowed after submission. However, you can update your additional educational details / qualifications / grades and upload relevant supporting documents to the Online Application System. Due to system limitations, the maximum capacity of your upload files is 25MB in total whereas the maximum size of each file is 4MB.


Final year students or graduates of Associate Degree/Higher Diploma programmes from recognized post-secondary institutions are welcome to apply for senior year admissions to our full-time undergraduate programmes (except 5-year full-time programmes).

In general, applicants should fulfill the general entrance requirements, language requirements and admission interview/subject test, if applicable. Please click here for details.

Among the key factors where the University will consider senior year admissions of an applicant include equivalence of the subject discipline of the AD/HD to that of our bachelor’s degree programmes and the academic performance of the applicant. For those without relevant academic background, they may still be considered subject to their academic performance and admission interview, if applicable.


Normally, direct admission (i.e. without interview) may be arranged subject to the recommendation from the respective programme teams. Some applicants may be invited for admission interview/test (if applicable) but those who have not been invited for interview/test shall not assume that they are not being considered for admissions.

Shortlisted applicants for admission interview(s)/test(s) will receive relevant details by email and/or SMS. Applicants who do not turn up for the interviews/tests will not be considered for admissions. Due to the tight admission schedule, applicants are strongly advised to check their online application status for the most updated interview arrangements. Request for changing the interview/test schedule will not be considered.

Offer and Registration

Successful applicants will normally be informed of admission offer on a rolling basis from February to August. An offer letter will be sent by post and applicants will also be notified via email. To accept the offer, they must indicate the offer acceptance on their online application account and pay a non-refundable admission acceptance fee by a stipulated deadline.

Main round programme registration will normally be held by end of July. Successful applicants will be informed via email. They are required to visit the registration website which will be launched in July to find out details of the arrangements.

To formally register as a student, successful applicants are required to upload their HKID and apply for official transcripts (including E-transcripts), language test reports, and other supporting documents to be sent directly to the University from the issuing authorities by the deadline as stipulated in the offer letter. Scanned copies of the transcripts and/or score reports uploaded by applicants will not be accepted. Details will be available in the offer letter.

Failure to provide the required documents may result in your unsuccessful enrolment in the programme.  If documents provided are found to be falsified, unclear, misleading or inconsistent with the qualifications stated in your application, or do not fulfill the requirements for admission, the University will have to withdraw your admission offer and all paid fees will not be refunded.

Self-financed Programme

There is only one self-financed programme (i.e. Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Greater China Studies) which offer senior year admissions in 2022/23 entry. For details, please refer to the webpage for Senior Year Admissions.

For local applicants, the tuition fee of self-financed programme will be higher than government-funded programmes. Information about tuition fees is available here.

According to the government's policy, financial assistance is provided through the following schemes to local students pursuring full-time locally-accredited self-financing sub-degree / degree programmes:

  • Means-tested Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) which provides eligible students with grant to meet tuition fees and academic expenses and/or loan to meet living expenses; or
  • Non-mean-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS) which provides loan to eligible students to cover tuition fees.

Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency is responsible for administering the above schemes. Please visit their homepage at for further information.

The University does not provide on-campus accommodation for undergraduates of self-financed programmes.

Students of self-financed programme will not be considered for transfer to any UGC-funded programmes during their whole period of studies at the University. If they wish to study a UGC-funded programme, they have to apply via JUPAS or Non-JUPAS route where appropriate.

No. Both transcript of studies and graduation certificate will not show the funding mode of the programme. Graduation certificate will only show the programme award.