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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports Science and Coaching
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Programme Description

The programme transforms students into professional coaches through the following iconic features:

  1. The internship training opportunities in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and overseas sports organisations will provide an excellent chance for students to have a dialogue with sports leaders, build connections, enrich knowledge and skills, and lay a foundation for their future careers;
  2. Integration of the subject knowledge of sports science, coaching, technology, and life education provides comprehensive training, leading to a wide range of career paths; and
  3. Teaching cutting-edge knowledge by a professional team with leading roles in sports and life education allows students to keep ahead of peers and seise opportunities, striving for success and excellence in the academic field(s) and workplace.

Study Mode Normal Period of Study JUPAS Code EdUHK Programme Code
Full-time 4 Years (for Year 1 Admissions)
2 Years (for Senior Year Admissions)
JS8726 A4B096
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(852) 2948 6886
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Ms Chan Ka Man, Carmen
(852) 2948 8166

Mr Lui Ka Ho, Nelson
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Programme Aims

The programme aims to prepare competent sports science and coaching professionals. It equips students with essential knowledge and technology in sports science, coaching and performance with practical experience. The programme will also address the urgent community and market needs of improving personal performance and health by providing professional guidance and advice through active participation in physical activity, exercise, or sports.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to:

PILO1: demonstrate the mastery of theory and practice in core and applied areas of sports science and technology behind effective coaching, leadership and performance analysis;
PILO2: apply the knowledge and skills required in sports science and technology to design and implement professional and innovative coaching programme, through the experiential learning experience in real-world context;
PILO3: identify and analyse barriers and issues related to the application of sports science knowledge in sports coaching, as well as strategies on promotion of sports coaching in local, regional and international sports industry, allowing possible career paths in professional sports science and coaching in school, community and commercial settings; and
PILO4: develop transferable lifelong learning and coaching capabilities through active participation in pursuing knowledge in sports science, coaching, technology and life education, as well as promote ethical responsibility and positive values to teach and model good citizenship and sportsmanship through life coaching.

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What Our Students Say

YUM Ka Chun

In just one year of studying sports science and coaching philosophies, I have gained valuable knowledge to shape my unique coaching style for the future. Joining U-teams has been an amazing experience, allowing me to make friends, explore different sports, and discover my passion. It has also improved my communication and interpersonal skills, essential for career development. I'm grateful to be part of this vibrant sports community and invite you to join us for the same joyful experience. 

YUM Ka Chun Tayon
(Year 2 Student in 2023/24)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports Science and Coaching

LI Yau Tung
(Phone Credit: Takumi Images)

As a member of the Elite Squad of the Hong Kong Life Saving Society, I appreciate the unwavering support and care from my teachers and classmates across faculties. The University's flexible class arrangement and peer support enable me to excel in both studies and sports. I'm excited to share that I won a gold medal in the "Line Throw (Female Youth)" at the Lifesaving World Championships 2022, bringing glory to Hong Kong. I'm sincerely grateful for EdUHK's unconditional support. 

LI Yan Tung
(Year 2 Student in 2023/24)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports Science and Coaching

HUI Wing Yan

During my internship with the Business Development Team at the Kai Tak Sports Park (KTSP), I experienced the excitement and wonder of this highly anticipated landmark. I gained invaluable knowledge in market research, strategic planning, and event management. Learning from professionals in the sports industry and being part of the KTSP Education Programme equipped me with the skills and experience for my future sports career. Being part of this new sports landmark's early years created lasting memories. 

HUI Wing Yan
(Year 4 Student in 2023/24)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports Science and Coaching

LI Hau Yi

My summer internship at Sports Legacy Company Ltd was an unforgettable experience. I learned event management, gaining valuable skills for my future career. The hands-on experience boosted my confidence and prepared me for new challenges. With supportive supervisors and colleagues, the on-the-job training was invaluable. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with them, cherishing the memories and lessons from the internship. 

LI Hau Yi
(Year 4 Student in 2023/24)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports Science and Coaching

Programme Structure

Domain Year 1 Admissions Senior Year Admissions
Credit Points (cps)
Major Major Core 51 27
Cross-Faculty Core Course 3 /
Major Interdisciplinary Course 3 3
Internship 3 3
Final Year Project Honours Project / Capstone Project 6 6
Minor(s) / Electives Programme Package 9 6
Minor / Elective 15 9
General Education 22 6
Language Enhancement 9 /
Total: 121 60


(1) Classes will be held in Tai Po Campus and Tseung Kwan O Study Centre / North Point Study Centre / Sports Centre / Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre as decided by the University.
(2) Students admitted into this programme are required to visit the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and/or other parts of Mainland China. Programme may also require students to participate in other non-local learning experience for completion of the programme. While the visits are heavily subsidised, students are still required to contribute part of the estimated cost of the visits ("student contribution"), whereas personal entertainment, meals expenses, travel document fee and personal insurance costs will not be supported. The estimated cost of the visits for students admitted to the 2024/25 cohort is not available yet as it is subject to a variety of factors such as changes to the cost of the visits as a result of inflation, trip duration, traveling expenses, the exchange rate, etc. The exact amount of student contribution is thus not available.

List of Major Courses^
No. Course Title
Major Core Courses
1 Introduction to Practical and Theoretical Considerations in Sports Coaching
2 Physical Activity and Health Promotion
3 Sports Management and Development
4 Sports and Exercise for Special Populations
5 Human Anatomy
6 Exercise Programme and Design
7 Exercise Physiology
8 Elite Sports Development
9 Pedagogy and Practice in Sports Coaching
10 ^Human Movement Analysis
11 ^Sports Performance Analysis
12 *Sports Performance and Movement Analysis
13 *Motor Skill Acquisition, Control and Development
14 *Introduction of Sports Injury and Prevention
15 *Sports Nutrition for High Performance
16 *Life Education and Whole-person Development
17 *Strength and Conditioning
18 *Psychology for Sports and Exercise
19 *Sports Marketing and Event Management
Major Interdisciplinary Course
20 *Life Coaching Through Sports
21 *Internship
Final Year Project
22 *Honours Project I: Research Methods and Proposal /
*Capstone Project I: Research Methods and Proposal
23 *Honours Project II: Research Report /
*Capstone Project II: Project Output

* Courses required for both Year-1 and Senior Year Admissions
^Courses required for Senior Admissions only.


Major Studies

The Major Core Courses aim to introduce students to the knowledge and practical skills in sports science, coaching, and life education. They cover the essential topics including Human Anatomy, Human Movement Analysis, Motor Skills Learning, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Psychology, Life Coaching, etc.

The Cross-Faculty Core Course (CFCC) will comprise 3 individual components with 1 credit point each and separately assessed with the aim to widen students’ horizon and look beyond Hong Kong. In Component I, lectures with topics related to Basic Law / National Security will be arranged; in Component II, students will have the opportunities to undertake visits in Greater Bay Area; in Component III, a variety of themes which are linked to the University’s development niche areas will be offered by Faculties.

The Major Interdisciplinary Course aims to equip students as lifelong learners with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to coach life skills through sports.



The Internship is a 3-cp compulsory experiential and professional learning component of the programme. Students will work as an intern in an organisation in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, or overseas in the field(s) of sports science and/or coaching. Students can further cultivate skills and knowledge acquired and developed from the Major Core Courses of the programme by working within the sports or sports-related industries. Through this valuable opportunity, students can dialogue with sports leaders, build connections, understand the operations of an organisation, enrich knowledge and skills, and lay a good foundation for future careers.

The Final Year Project comprises (i) Honours Project I / Capstone Project I: Research Methods and Proposal and (ii) Honours Project II: Research Report / Capstone Project II: Project Output. It is a credit-bearing component in a dissertation or a deliverable project. It will be an inquiry-oriented learning avenue that enables our students to consolidate, integrate, and reflect on their undergraduate experiences - for transiting to (and even celebrating) their upcoming post-graduation life - related to entering higher degree programmes or the workplace. Students will work on the Final Year Project independently under the guidance of their supervisors.

Year-1 Admissions

Students are required to take 24 credit points (cps) on elective courses. Among 24 cps, students are compulsory to take the course “21st Century Skills and Values Education” (3 cps) and choose two out of three courses (6 cps in total) from the list of Programme Package which is under the elective domain. For the remaining 15 cps, students can choose a wide range of courses offered by the University to suit their career aspirations and interests. Students may also study a Minor (totaling 15 cps) from among the Minor choices available within the University.

Senior Year Admissions

Students are required to take 15 credit points (cps) on elective courses. Among 15 cps, students are compulsory to take the course “21st Century Skills and Values Education” (3 cps) and choose one out of three courses (3 cps) from the list of Programme Package. For the remaining 9 cps, students can choose a wide range of courses offered by the University to suit their career aspirations and interests.

List of Programme Package

No. Course Title
Compulsory Course
1 21st Century Skills and Values Education
Year-1 Admissions: choose 2 out of 3 courses

Senior Year Admissions: choose 1 out of 3 courses
2 Practical Sports Skill Training
3 Mindfulness, Sports and Wellbeing
4 Positive Psychology in Sports

The EdUHK General Education Programme prepares students to be active agents of change, by broadening their intellectual horizons, helping them make connections among different areas of knowledge between their formal studies and life outside the classroom, and strengthening their capacity for sound thinking and good judgement. It offers a varied but balanced mix of individual courses across a range of subject areas and disciplines, set within an integrated structure of (i) General Education Foundation Course, (ii) General Education Breadth Courses, (iii) Experiential Learning and (iv) University ePortfolio.

General Education (GE) Domain Credit Points (cps)
GE Foundation Course 4
GE Breadth Courses
- General Education Learning Strand (New Six Arts) Course 2+1
- Positive and Values Education Course 3
- GE Interdisciplinary Course 3
Experiential Learning
- Co-curricular and Service Learning Course 3
- Experiential Learning Course (ELC) on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) 3
University ePortfolio 3
Total: 22

General Education Foundation Course (GEFC) is a 4-cp course that will run for the whole academic year and be taken by all first-year students at EdUHK. The General Education Breadth Courses (GEBCs) (9 cps) are composed of General Education Learning Strand (New Six Arts (2+1 cps)) Course, Positive and Values Education (PAVE) Course (3 cps) and General Education Interdisciplinary Course (GEIC) (3 cps). Students have to take one from each of the components in order to fulfill the GEBCs requirement. Experiential Learning (EL) is composed of a 3-cp Co-curricular Service Learning Course (CSLC) and a 3-cp Experiential Learning Course (ELC) on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) which will be offered by departments under the GE domain. Students must take one of each component for fulfilling the EL (6 cps) requirement. After the completion of these courses, students have to take University ePortfolio (3 cps) before the final year.

For Senior Year Admissions
Students admitted to Year 3 in 2024/25 are only required to complete 6 cps in total for General Education. Students are required to take ONE course from Experiential Learning Course (ELC) on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I)”; and ONE University ePortfolio course.

For detailed information and the course synopsis about General Education courses, please visit the website at

Students in the programme are expected to develop the ability to communicate effectively in English and Chinese (including Putonghua). To assist them in meeting this goal, the Centre for Language in Education (CLE) will offer a comprehensive package of mandatory credit-bearing and mandatory non-credit bearing language enhancement activities, amounting to no less than 297 hours of taught courses and documented self-access study. This comprises 138 hours of English (including two 3-cp courses), 99 hours of Chinese (including one 3-cp course), and 60 hours of Putonghua, over the four years of the programme. The language enhancement package requires students to make use of the Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre (ASLLC) and related facilities available at the Tai Po campus.

Students may be exempted from selected Chinese, English or Putonghua courses in the package if they have fulfilled the exemption criteria of individual courses.

Non-Cantonese-speaking students will be required to study two non-credit bearing Cantonese courses. English-speaking students can study Cantonese and Putonghua courses. The successful completion of these Cantonese and Putonghua courses will be recorded on the student transcript.

Senior year entry students will be exempted from the language enhancement courses.

Medium of Instruction

The programme will mainly be conducted in English. All Major courses will be taught in English. For some non-Major courses, Putonghua or Cantonese will be adopted as the medium of instruction when the language is considered most effective for teaching.

Programme Accreditation

Graduates can submit an application to the Hong Kong Coaching Committee for the qualification validation towards the Coach Accreditation Programme Level 3 Sports-General Theory Coach.  Regarding the details of the Qualification Validation Scheme, please visit Hong Kong Coaching Committee’s website.

Career Prospects

Students are prepared for a wide range of careers in the sports industries, including the commercial sector (e.g. sports coach, sports and recreation officer, personal trainer, sports event manager, sports marketing consultant, etc.) and public sector (e.g. LCSD assistant leisure services manager, sports science officer, strength and conditioning coach, camp manager, etc.). Graduates may choose to pursue a teaching career by completing an additional year of professional teacher training (e.g. Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Physical Education)) or undertake further studies locally (e.g. Master of Social Sciences in Sports Coaching and Management offered by the EdUHK) or overseas.


Every effort has been made to ensure that information contained in this website is correct. Changes to any aspects of the programmes may be made from time to time due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and the University reserves the right to make amendments to any information contained in this website without prior notice. The University accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising from any use or misuse of or reliance on any information contained in this website.

Any aspect of the course and course offerings (including, without limitation, the content of the course and the manner in which the course is taught) may be subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the University. Without limiting the right of the University to amend the course and its course offerings, it is envisaged that changes may be required due to factors such as staffing, enrolment levels, logistical arrangements, curriculum changes, and other factors caused by unforeseeable circumstances. Tuition fees, once paid, are non-refundable. 

In the event of inconsistency between information in English and Chinese version or where an interpretation of the programme content is required, the decision of the University shall be final.