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Check out these common questions asked by our applicants.
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If you are seeking admission on the strength of your HKDSE examination results (current or past years), you should follow the application procedures under JUPAS (Joint University Programmes Admissions System). Otherwise you should submit the application directly to the University via the direct application (Non-JUPAS) route.

Notes to Non-local Applicants

According to the definition of local and non-local students by the Education Bureau (EDB) for the purpose of admission to post-secondary programmes, all non-local applicants, regardless of whether they possess HKDSE Examination results, must apply for admission via the non-JUPAS route, and NOT via JUPAS. 

For enquiries concerning the definition of local and non-local students and corresponding education policies, please contact the Higher Education Division of the EDB: 

  • Email: (Attn: Higher Education Division)
  • Enquiry Hotline: 3509 7396

No, you can only apply either through JUPAS or Non-JUPAS route, but not both.


The Mathematics Compulsory Part is a core subject requirement. The Extended Part (M1/M2) will be counted as elective subjects for the purpose of meeting the General Entrance Requirements, but cannot be used as a substitute for the Mathematics Compulsory Part. If applicants have taken both M1 and M2, only the module with the best result will be taken into consideration.

If you apply for BEd(Primary) in Mathematics Major, you need to obtain a Level 3 or above in the Compulsory Part plus a Level 2 or above in one module from the Extended Part (i.e. either Module 1 - Calculus and Statistics; or Module 2 - Algebra and Calculus). Applicants who obtain Level 5 or above in Compulsory Part but do not take Extended Part will be considered for admission on an individual basis.

Upon admission, applicants who do not sit for M1/ M2 are required to take and pass the Course "Calculus" during the study period of the respective programme in order to meet the graduation requirements.

The University will consider Combined Science and Integrated Science the same as Physics, Chemistry or Biology for the purpose of meeting the General Entrance Requirements.

One only for undergraduate programmes. The University will consider the result of the best ApL subject (excluding DSE Applied Learning Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students)), irrespective of the number of ApL subjects taken by a JUPAS applicant.

GCE/GCSE/IGCSE Chinese will be accepted for applicants meeting one of the following circumstances (certification from schools must be provided by JUPAS):

  • The applicant has learned Chinese Language for less than six years while receiving primary and secondary education; or
  • The applicant has learned Chinese Language for six years or more in schools, but has been taught an adapted and simpler curriculum not normally applicable to the majority of students in our local schools.

From 2017/18 onwards, the DSE Applied Learning Chinese (for NCS students) will also be accepted as an alternative Chinese Language qualification. Please visit the website of the Education Bureau (EDB) or JUPAS for detailed information.

The University will consider the HKDSE Examination Chinese Language results first for fulfilment of the entrance requirements.  If NCS applicants fail to attain Level 3 or above in HKDSE Examination Chinese Language, EdUHK will see if their ACL can meet the entrance requirements.

For the purpose of meeting our General Entrance Requirements for JUPAS applicants, the University only accepts results in HKDSE English Language.

The assessment weighting varies with programmes on the basis of individual programme needs. For programmes with preferred HKDSE subjects indicated in the entrance requirements, the preferred subjects normally carry more weight. Please click here for details of the programme specific entrance requirements.

Yes, we accept combined sittings in HKDSE examination. For the purpose of ranking applicants for admission, all recognised public examination results are considered. If an applicant has taken the examination in a subject more than once, only the best result for that subject will be counted. There is no penalty on repeaters.

They will be treated as supplementary information. For instance, the information given in SRR and/or OEA form may be used, alongside other essential information (e.g. band choices) for selecting applicants for admission interviews.


Yes, you are required to attend admission interviews. In addition, some departments like Music, Physical Education and Visual Arts may require applicants to attend specific subject tests.

You may click here for the detailed interview format used in the past years.

We believe that applicants who include our programmes as Band A choices are highly likely to have genuine interest in these programmes. Band A applicants will be given higher preferences in the selection process.

We will select applicants to the admission interviews on the basis of their band choices, HKDSE examination results, information on OEA form and SRR etc. Please click here for details of the interview arrangements.

You will receive the interview notification via the following means:

  1. Personal email account registered in the JUPAS online system;
  2. SMS message(s); and
  3. JUPAS account

Owing to the tight interview and admission schedule, you are strongly advised to check our website and your personal email inbox regularly for the relevant information. NO written notification will be sent to interviewees by post.